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This is the word that comes up most often when Black women talk about Black Gurl Institute (or BGI). It is because BGI is a space for you as a Black woman to see and be seen and hear and be heard. A space where you do not have to question if you belong. A space where you--your thoughts, your ideas, your concerns--are validated. A space where you are empowered and affirmed. BGI is a space for Black women to simply be without apology or question; a “digital room of Black women’s own”; a Black woman’s sanctuary apart from the outside world. And it is a space where you as a Black woman can be both ratchet and righteous, unfiltered and free, or petty and polished as my friend Brooke would say.

A space where you can be both ratchet and righteous, lol

A space that will support your mental and emotional well-being

A space to be your authentic Black self


Black feminist scholar Patricia Hill Collins writes: “[The] process of trusting one another can seem dangerous because only Black women know what it means to be Black women. But, if we will not listen to one another, who will?” In Black Gurl Institute, we create community by doing just that! We listen. We trust. We trust each other with our hopes, hurts, dreams, and pains. We listen with open minds to hear one another’s viewpoints and perspectives. We recognize the power of a strong Black female community and that this power is best achieved through connecting with other Black women. Which is why we hold several classes/events throughout the month so that you have opportunities to meet up with other Black women.

Be part of an affirming community of Black women

Share your knowledge and wisdom with other Black women

Receive knowledge and wisdom from other Black women


In Black Gurl Institute, we care about your wellness AND wokeness, and for these reasons we engage in topics that matter most to you as a Black woman. We strive to bring about and maintain healthy forms of Black female consciousness and have fun while doing so. BGI is a space for you to engage in critical analysis AND to lay your edges down and get downright real as in “Gurlllllllllll, let me tell you . . .” The unique aspect of Black Gurl Institute is that we spend an entire semester on a topic of interest to many Black women. We go through a course syllabus and meet on a monthly basis to discuss the “assigned” material. We also engage in meaningful discussions via the website (via workbooks, threads, posts, polls, etc.) to keep momentum going throughout the month. In addition, we host other events throughout the month all with the goal of helping Black women to be their best selves.

Engage in thought-provoking dialogue

Be more self-reflective 

Access intriguing material, resources and speakers


"I’m so grateful for BGI!  I signed up to the educational platform originally for the networking opportunity that I believed would be afforded to me.   BGI has delivered that and so much more!  Such an awesome forum for thought provoking material to be explored relating to the black woman’s development and experience under well-examined and thoughtful teachings from its leader.  There is no pressure to be at a certain level, no judgement...you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!"

- Dawn C.

“Black Gurl Institute came right on time for me. As one part black woman in need and in continual search of community, one part ‘sophistiratchet’ goofball who loves to laugh and clown, and one part committed lifelong learner (also known as a nerd), the space BGI creates is a wish and a dream all in one!”

- Ashley .P

"As I continue my academic journey and work toward completing my master's degree at NYU, Black Gurl Institute has been a wonderful community of brilliant, supportive, and hilarious Black women who have taught me so much. BGI has allowed me to grow personally and become more confident as a Black woman so that I can own any classroom that I enter moving forward. I am glad that I have this amazing sisterhood, as I move forth in my academic and professional career."

- Sydney A.


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Hood Feminism

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Passion & Purpose

The Art of Blackness

and much more!

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