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a remix on the college classroom for black women

about BGI

Can we get a little ratchet-righteous? Or is it righteous-ratchet? Lol. 


Whatever it may be, the phrase perfectly sums up the intent of the Black Gurl Institute (or BGI). The Black Gurl Institute is a social learning platform that redefines how Black women come together to learn, teach, talk, share, listen and laugh. The goal of the BGI is to bring about and/or maintain healthy forms of Black female consciousness and have fun while doing so. 


In the BGI, we explore the topics that matter most to us as Black women. Think of the BGI as a remix on the college classroom--a drop of Black gurl consciousness mixed with a dose of Black gurl authenticity. It is a place to engage in critical analysis AND to lay our edges down and get downright real as in “Gurlllllllllll, let me tell you . . .”  Though many of you have long graduated from college or high school, that does not mean that the intellectual pursuits should end there.


In the BGI, we spend an entire semester on a topic of interest to many Black women. We go through the course syllabus and meet on a monthly basis (virtually) to discuss the readings for that month. We also engage in meaningful discussions via the website (via threads, posts, polls, etc.) to keep momentum going as we get closer to our monthly meet-ups. 


We’re thrilled you stopped by! Come spend a semester with us!

about  me

Dr. Erica Womack

Hey, Black Gurl! 

I’m Erica! A loving wife to my husband of 15 years, a superheroine to my two beautiful daughters, a dedicated educator by day, a passionate entrepreneur by night, and a budding podcast personality with an all-consuming proclivity for books that explore Black life and consciousness...

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What do I get as a member?

As a member, you get access to a dynamic community of Black women, a course syllabus, digital workbooks, thought-provoking dialogue and resources, giveaways, speakers and virtual symposium. Note: Premium (or annual) level membership includes 2 semester gift boxes.

Why should I join this site?

If you’re someone who considers herself a life-long learner and someone who enjoys reading, talking with other Black women, discussing issues that matter to Black women, and conversations with depth, then this site is made just for you.

This sounds a lot like school, is it?

Absolutely not, because everyone gets an A! No really, there are no grades, so how far you get into the readings and how deep you go with the discussions is completely up to you.

What if I do not have an opportunity to read/view the materials, is it still worth it?

Yes, without a doubt!!! Why? Because you will still be able to go back to anything that you have not read or watched. You will have access to other materials and resources to keep you abreast of the topic throughout the semester. And you can engage on multiple levels--in discussion threads, polls, posts, and monthly meet-ups.

Is there a fee associated with membership?

Yes, the monthly membership fee is $19.99/mo. Note: The premium (or annual) level membership includes more goodies. If you're currently a college student, please email for a discounted student membership.







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