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In the BGI:
  • we spend an entire semester on a topic of interest to many Black women

  • we go through the course syllabus and meet on a monthly basis (virtually) to discuss the readings for that month 

  • we also engage in meaningful discussions via the website (i.e., monthly digital workbooks, threads, posts, polls, etc.) to keep momentum going as we get closer to our monthly meet-ups. 

  • we culminate the year with a virtual symposium based on topics from each semester

Benefits of Joining Black Gurl Institute 

As a Member, You:

  • Become part of an affirming community of Black women

  • Engage in thought-provoking dialogue

  • Become more self-reflexive

  • Share your knowledge and wisdom with other Black women 

  • Receive knowledge and wisdom from other Black women

  • Gain exposure to intriguing material

  • Have the freedom to be your authentic self

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