In the BGI:

You should Be Part of Black Gurl Institute If:

An Affirming Community

You love being a part of affirming communities of Black women

Thought-Provoking Dialogue

You enjoy engaging in thought-provoking dialogue


You crave a space where you can be both ratchet and righteous, lol


You strive to be more self-reflective

Mental & Emotional Support

You seek a space that will support your mental and emotional well-being

Sharing Knowledge & Wisdom

You like sharing your knowledge and wisdom with other Black women

Receiving Knowledge & Wisdom

You appreciate receiving knowledge and wisdom from other Black women

Access to Intriguing Material

You want access to intriguing material, resources and speakers

Be Authentically BLACK

You desire a space to be your authentic Black self




What do I get as a member?

As a member, you get access to a dynamic community of Black women along with the following:

Course syllabus (each semester)

Digital workbooks (each semester)

Additional resources & giveaways

Monthly classes (related to semester topic)

Guest speakers 


Black Gurl Gifted (community for parents & educators of Black girls in grades K-12)

Black Gurl Salons (monthly informal meet-ups)

Gurls’ Night In (movie nights)

Book discussions

Summer workshops

Annual retreats

Note: Premium (or annual) level membership includes 2 semester gift boxes.


This sounds a lot like school, is it?

Absolutely not, because everyone gets an A! No really, obviously there are no grades, so how far you get into the readings and how deep you go with the discussions is completely up to you. Though our members do think learning is cool, rest assured that we do not take ourselves too seriously.


What if I do not have an opportunity to read/view the materials, is it still worth it?

Yes, without a doubt!!! Why? Because you will still be able to go back to anything that you have not read or watched. You will have access to other materials and resources to keep you abreast of the topic throughout the semester. And you can engage on multiple levels--in discussion threads, polls, posts, and monthly meet-ups.


What if I join and I don't know anyone?

There are no cliques here, so when you join, you’ll be welcomed in by other Black Gurls without hesitation. Once you join, you will also be encouraged to review the “Welcome” and “Start Here” guides so that you are familiar with where to start and what to do in the community. Additionally, over the course of each month, you will have many opportunities to get to know other women from across the U.S. through our live events.


Is BGI like a book club?

No, BGI is more than a book club where you read a book, have a discussion, and then move on to the next book or topic. Rather in BGI, you will wrestle with a topic over a longer period of time so that you can really process and digest what you’re learning (hence the reason why you get a syllabus). The cherry on top is that you get the benefit of doing so in the company of other Black women! How awesome is that? And when is the last time that you did so?


What is the difference between Black Gurl Institute & Black Gurl Gifted?

BGI is the broader learning community for Black women. Black Gurl Gifted is a sub-community within BGI for (Black) parents and educators of Black girls in grades K-12. In this sub-community , you will have access to materials, resources, and speakers that highlight the lives and literacies of Black girls (all of which is part of your BGI membership).


Do you host any in-person events?

Due to the pandemic, we have not held any in-person events, however, we hope to do so in the near future.

Choose a Plan

If you're currently a college student, please email Dr. Womack at for a discounted student membership.


Our Basic Plan
BGI T-shirt
Access to all of the BGI content & community
Monthly digital workbooks
Access to Black Gurl Gifted
Semester Gift Box #1: Includes BGI T-shirt & mug
Semester Gift Box #2: Includes BGI tote bag & journal
Hard copy of required books for both semesters
per month
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Premium Plan with more goodies!!!
BGI T-shirt
Access to all of the BGI content & community
Monthly digital workbooks
Access to Black Gurl Gifted
Semester Gift Box #1: Includes BGI T-shirt & mug
Semester Gift Box #2: Includes BGI tote bag & journal
Hard copy of required books for both semesters
per year
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K-12 Classes

Write it, Rule it, Run it (Grades 2 &3)

We ask that ONLY Black women enroll their child as we want to maintain the integrity of BGI as a community for Black women. Since this site is for adults, please register for the course under your name. Note: This course is discounted for BGI members and you can receive the discount once you're inside of the community.

Description: This course introduces Black girls in grades 2 & 3 to the role of government in society and helps them understand the role of the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government in a democracy. Through books that center the experiences of Shirley Chisolm, Barbara Jordan, Michelle Obama, and Kamala Harris the girls will examine what members of the courts, Congress, and the Presidential Cabinet do to protect and defend the rights of American citizens generally, and Black girls in particular. Through interactive activities and discussion participants will have opportunities to share their views on contemporary issues of politics, to identify political issues they find personally meaningful, and to consider how they might connect with political representatives at the local, state or federal government to bring about change in their communities.

Required Books (must be purchased separately):
Kamala Harris, Rooted in Justice
by Nikki Grimes
Superheroes are Everywhere by Kamala Harris
Shirley Chisholm is a Verb by Veronica Chambers
Parker Looks Up by Jessica and Parker Curry
What Do You Do with a Voice Like That? The Story of Extraordinary Congresswoman Barbara Jordan by Chris Barton
Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio

Additional Materials: In addition to the books, girls will need the following: 1) a spiral sketchbook, 2) pencils, 3) crayons, 4) colored pencils and markers


for Black Girls in Grades 2 & 3
per month
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