Join Us for Self-Care Summer!

Two of the topics raised in my interviews have been about seeking one's purpose and mental health and wellness. Though many of us have thriving careers, something still is amiss. Several of my interviewees shared how they're still searching for their purpose and how they can best leave their mark on the world in some small way. They also discussed how they have successfully (and sometimes unsuccessfully) kept their mental health in check via books, podcasts, interviews, and more. 

This summer, I wanted to tackle some of these concerns through the power of journaling. Self-care is a popular term these days and one that author, GG Renee Hill, uses in her recently published guided journal, Self-Care Check-In. Hill argues that self-care is more than just pampering, but also about engaging in thoughtful reflection that leads to decisive action. Through a series of prompts or check-ins, Hill pushes us to really dig deep into what we need and desire as Black women and how we can put those feelings into action. 

With that said, please join us for "Self-Care Summer." We'll go through the guided journal together to grow in purpose, wellness, and accountability. If you're interested, please let us know below. Also, be sure to purchase the GG Renee Hill's book. 

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